Saving Lives on Utah's Roadways 

Social Media Campaign

Showcasing the best ideation in behavior-change thinking, our work motivated audiences to practice safer driving actions that can actually save lives. 

Partnering with the Utah Department of Transportation’s Zero Fatalities campaign, our team's work focused on encouraging behavior change surrounding the five deadly behaviors: distracted driving, unbuckled driving, drowsy driving, impaired driving, and aggressive driving.

This campaign included creating new research-based marketing materials for TV, outdoor, radio, presentations, social media, influencer marketing, and digital media.​

Content Creation


The social media team met regularly with the creative team to coordinate multi-channel messaging and efficiently utilize existing content for social distribution.

We also focused on designing original social media content that was shareable, engaging, and most importantly, valuable.

Additionally, our team leveraged our social analytics expertise to identify social media content that best achieved established objectives, refining and iterating from those insights for future posting tactics.

Publishing Calendar

All posts were strategically developed from key campaign messages and tentpole opportunities to drive home cohesion and branding. The social team met monthly to build out a content schedule that consistently promoted pillars of the brand while also incorporating relevant and timely topics. This also included customizing content for platforms based on insights and comparative research. Our workflow process included regular client feedback and review sessions, which served to not only ensure accuracy in brand voice and product information but all help the client feel confident in our adherence to campaign objectives.

Social Advertising

Our client was interested in efficiently spreading messages of safety, responsibility, and awareness across Utah at scale. With a budget of $84,000 and an audience of 2.3 million, we generated over 40 million impressions at a cost per 1,000 impressions of $2.07. Overall reach was a key requirement of the client, so we focused our efforts on reaching unique individuals throughout the state.

Over the course of the campaign, we reached 80% of our target. With the available budget, on average, our target audience saw 19 posts throughout the course of the year. The emphasis of the post content was used to narrow the scope of the audience and deliver the message accurately to the people who needed to see it most. In the end, the cost to reach each unique individual was 4.2 cents


Influencer Marketing

To promote a new promo spot on distracted driving, we recommended that the client take a different and unique approach. Rather than doing a TV media buy for a limited, single run of on-air local distribution (their historical strategy), we helped our client reach more eyes for less money by working with influencers and creating unique social media posts. Our work activated four influencers to premiere the new spot to their more than 3.6 combined social followers. This generated 73% of the same number of impressions at 8% of the cost as a single broadcast run. Additionally, our social team briefed the influencers to provide an authentic message around safety and to challenge their audiences to join in on the commitment, leading to hundreds of “challenge accepted” responses in the comments section.

In addition to our ability to ideate and manage engaging creator and ambassador activations, our agency also uses an influencer outreach and research tool that has a database of over 3 million influencers worldwide. With this tool, we’ve helped clients find potential partners at scale using over 20 types of search functions and 10 types of quality indicators. Whether it’s identifying new partners, managing your contracts, or even planning and hosting influencer events with 300+ guests, we can craft the right strategy that best leverages influencers, content creators, and ambassadors.


Integrating Digital
and Public Relations

Public relations was a key and consistent part of our strategy given the physical nature of our client’s brand. To help our public relations functions extend into the digital space, we actively leveraged social media and influencer marketing as amplification channels.

For example, we made and displayed the "World's Safest Car" at a local car dealership and invited press and influencers to learn more about safe driving. This generated over 30,000 social engagements.


When it came time to launch a concerted effort around reducing roadway fatalities for the summer months—a time when roadway fatalities often increase—we helped decrease deaths by 36 people. We then rallied together 36 individuals to wear numbered shirts to serve as a strong visual for a press conference. We involved a few select influencers who felt passionately about the message and who posted on social media.