Thousands of Daily Online Conversions

We have a client that is a large, global organization and our team is responsible for driving conversions. Our team works together to drive thousands of daily online conversions and then optimize those conversions through offline events reported by thousands of independently trained global sales personnel. This ecosystem, while complex, creates a rich trackable media and data environment that we persistently monitor to build and optimize our client’s audience messaging, media planning and buying, and channel strategies. Our continued partnership with this client has resulted in a 79 percent lift year-over-year.


We believe data drives our strategy and direction. Utilizing our in-house architects and data scientists, we pull-in data from a variety of sources: ad platforms, websites, social channels, CRM, audience demographics, and third-party data. By combining and enriching these data sources, we get a complete picture of the media landscape and are able to identify specific opportunities to impact our client’s business objectives. We are also certified partners with some of the biggest digital advertising platforms, which gives us the ability to link our digital strategy more directly and optimize within each platform. This allows us to leverage platform specific tools, combined with our collective resource knowledge, to improve our planning, buying, evaluation processes and delivery against client objectives. 


Our media team is held accountable for reaching our client’s stated goals 365 days of the year. In order for us to reach these goals, our teams build and optimize robust media plans to maintain media efficiency at all levels of the funnel, including both online and offline conversions, across diverse channels. The media team tracks 31 key performance indicators daily and adjusts resources as needed based on performance. By tracking the funnel at this level of detail, our team has been able to increase online and offline conversions, as well as finding new events and indicators in the user journey. 


Through dedicated optimization, we discovered a new opportunity that has become fundamental to our client in driving better conversions - visits to their locations worldwide. In the past year, the team has increased the percent of the budget directly tied to this objective and as a result, in-person visits increased by 80 percent. It is important to note that the only difference at play were new media tactics.  


This media-led discovery has influenced the creation of several new approaches for our client, which together with other media initiatives have contributed to our client’s increased success driving meaningful and lasting interactions with their audience.