Finding Common Ground with the United Nations Foundation 

Boncom partnered with the United Nations Foundation to find a common language to enable productive conversations about the environment that unites, not divides. 

The polarizing question of how to enjoy and protect our earth won’t ever have simple answers, but even our ability to have a healthy dialogue on this topic is often hampered by terminology and ideology. ​

The United Nations Foundation sees and understands this challenge, so they partnered with Boncom to help move people past the polarizing buzz words and find common ground across the aisle and even possibly agree on ways to make this planet better for everyone.  

Prior to the launch of the United Nations Foundation’s Sustainable Development Goals at the UN Climate Change Conference in 2015, Boncom leveraged various strategic methodologies, relevant thought leaders, and our own proprietary data science and research to create communications strategies for productive dialogue around the 17 most pressing global issues – and even find common ground – with skeptics.

By analyzing search and audience data, Boncom created a messaging toolkit filled with new ways to talk about climate change, and 16 other global issues, with anyone regardless of political affiliation. See below for an example of the research findings. 

Boncom delivered a summary of our findings at the Earth to Paris Conference, a follow up to the Climate Change Conference on how corporations, experts, and advocates can help contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. 

research excerpts

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