14,115 Feet Above Ordinary

Increasing visitors to Pikes Peak - America's Mountain.

We created a mountain-sized campaign to showcase Pikes Peak and the iconic highway that climbs 14,115 above ordinary.

Nestled in the heart of the Rockies, Pikes Peak is the only fourteener in North America where you, your two-year-old niece, or your grandpa for that matter, can summit in an afternoon.


Our team rebuilt the brand from scratch, focusing on the destination’s wholly unique marriage of road and mountain: the inaccessible with the accessible, epic grandeur with Sunday-drive convenience. The new branding turned a rural highway into a bucket-list experience and set an all-time visitation record the year we launched the campaign. 
Every year that followed, we set a new all-time-high visitation record. Five years later we doubled the record set the year the campaign launched. 


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