Live On Utah

Utah Suicide Prevention Coalition. 

A Mantra of Hope
A Recognition of Resilience

We created the Live On brand from the ground up to bring together the various suicide-prevention stakeholders in Utah and serve as an umbrella brand for the statewide effort to prevent suicide. By promoting education, providing resources, and changing the culture around suicide and mental health, Live On has created a united front in the fight against suicide.


A Living Logo

While suicide prevention must be a collective effort, it is also deeply personal. As such, the handwritten nature of the logo represents the role each individual has in suicide prevention. Live On means different things to different people and our “living logo” represents that. At press events, conferences, and community outreach engagements, we have participants create their own logo, and then make a button for them out of that logo in their own handwriting.



With the Live On website, we created a single hub that integrated dozens of partners and resources for Utah Suicide Prevention. This was a process that involved conserving the valuable content and SEO of the Utah Suicide Prevention Coalition website, eliminating redundancies, and expanding the message. Above all we needed to create a place that was simple and immediately useful to those struggling with suicide



While the Live On brand will eventually target nearly everyone in Utah, the first phase of our messaging spoke directly to middle-aged men and parents of teens. Middle-aged men are by far the highest-risk demographic for suicide in Utah, and in Utah man of them are conservative gun-owners, who are reticent to talk about their feelings.

NFL Superbowl MVP Steve Young, speaks to men about what being “tough” really means.

Statistically, temporary off-site storage is one of the most effective steps in suicide prevention.

Parents with teens in the house are of particular concern for safe firearm storage.


We launched Live On social media channels and have begun creating a steady stream of hopeful and useful content for suicide prevention.

While this brand is only in its infancy, it is already bringing people together to get through, reach out, lift up, look ahead, and Live On.


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