"Light The World" for ComeUntoChrist.org

A campaign inspiring millions to serve and find more meaning during the Christmas season.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints engaged Boncom to conceptualize and orchestrate an integrated campaign to inspire people to make the holidays more meaningful by helping others and spending valuable time with loved ones. 

This multi-year campaign suggests a variety of ways anyone can emulate Jesus and serve as He served. One year featured daily service recommendations coupled with inspiring videos for the duration of the 25-day campaign. Another year, the campaign featured week-long themes focused on being a blessing throughout different aspects of life – among the community, among family, and by expressing faith. 

The Light The World print, digital and experiential campaign uses anthemic videos, billboards, social media influencer events, and scores of digital media executions. Messaging and service opportunities were distributed via digital video and display advertising, social media, influencers, search, mobile app ad networks, out-of-home, and a training program to adapt the program to those in all parts of the world. 


Millions of people have engaged in acts of kindness as a result of the Light The World campaign. On Instagram alone, the #LightTheWorld hashtag has been used more than 363,000 times. At the close of the campaign in 2016, more than 200,000 acts of service shared on social media. In the second year of the campaign our team cultivated a partnership with social media influencers who participated in the campaign and put on a live concert at YouTube's studio in New York City. 

For the 2017 and 2018 campaigns, Boncom created a novel concept called Giving Machines. The machines provided a way for tens of thousands of people to quickly and easily give to charity during the Christmas season using retrofitted vending machines stocked with donation items. In 2017, the interactive giving experience raised more than $500,000, and more than $2.3 million was raised in 2018.  


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