Light the World for

A 25-day campaign inspiring millions to serve during the Christmas season.

Jesus fed the hungry, healed the sick, and helped the needy—and so did millions of people around the world last Christmas.

The #LightTheWorld campaign for inspired people to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ by serving, lifting, and loving others throughout December.

Light the World

Each day of the campaign focused on a different way to emulate Jesus with an inspiring video and service ideas.

Each day's theme was taken from the words of Jesus, and millions of ordinary people took the suggestions to heart and gave back. 


Giving Machine: One of the most popular parts of the #LightTheWorld campaign were the four vending machines that made it easy to buy food, eye glasses, medicine, and even goats and chickens for those in need. In all, more than 27,000 people donated $500,000 to purchase goods that local charity partners distributed.