Experience Design for Deseret Book 

Pairing audience research insights and the best of experience design, Boncom created new brand identity Deseret Book used to create an engaging in-person shopping experience.

To attract younger customers and to keep existing customers engaged and coming back, the new store design is based on research and is more experiential. 

Before the Deseret Book team drew up plans to remodel the company’s flagship store in downtown Salt Lake City, they turned to Boncom for in-depth customer research and experience design strategic thinking to ultimately better serve the Deseret Book customer and bring in new life-long shoppers by connecting with a younger generation of shoppers.

The Boncom research and strategy team conducted focus groups and administered a quantitative survey to better understand current and potential Deseret Book customers. With the research results and analysis, we identified distinct audience segments and provided recommendations for how to better serve each of those audiences. 

Using this research, Boncom worked with the Deseret Book team to create a simple and refined brand positioning they used to influence and create an experiential store layout, updated design, and better-targeted product offerings.


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